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T. 0145495679

Steven M. Van Hauwaert is a post-doctoral researcher and F.S.R. Fellow at the Institut de Sciences Politiques Louvain-Europe, Université Catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain) and a research fellow in the international project PATHWAYS. He received his PhD from Sciences Po Paris in 2013 and also holds degrees from Marquette University (USA) and the University of Antwerp (BE). He has previously held positions as an NU Fellow at Northwestern University, a Visiting Researcher at the University of Amsterdam and a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher at the University of Vienna. His current research is two-fold. On one hand, his on-going research analyses the apparent multidimensional right-wing shift (Verrechtsing) of politics and society throughout the past three decades. On the other hand, he also studies different forms of inequality both within and between representation and participation. In addition, he is currently working on a number of side-projects, which include gender inequalities in political participation, the conditional relationship between party attachment and ideological volatility, the connection between conspiracy theories, fear and the FN vote in France and the systematic underestimation of the far right party vote in public opinion surveys. His most recent teaching commitments at Sciences Po include courses at both the BA- and the MA-level, primarily focusing on quantitative methods and different subfields of comparative politics. He currently leads the Belgian project BE-PATHWAYS and is also engaged in a number of comparative projects such as PATHWAYS (ORA+ ANR), LIVEWHAT (EU FP7) and PARTIREP (BSP IAP).

Projets en cours et/ou enseignements


Fall 2012: Sciences-Po, Paris, France
Teaching assistant of Bruno Course : Statistics and Data Analysis for Policy Makers – Level 1
Teaching assistant of Bruno Cautrès course : Statistics and Data Analysis for Policy Makers – Level 2 
Teaching Assistant of Bruno Cautrès course : Les clivages politiques en Europe

July 2011-June 2012: Project Education, Paris, France
TOEFL and Sciences-Po Préparation instructor

Spring 2012: Sciences-Po, Paris, France
Far Right Politics in Western Europe
Personalisation of Politics (w/ Thomas Vitiello)
Introduction à la Science Politique (conference de méthodes)

Fall 2011: Sciences-Po, Paris, France
Méthodes d’Analyse Quantitative I (w/ Bruno Cautrès)

Spring 2011:  University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Introductie tot Politicologisch Onderzoek

Fall 2010: Sciences-Po, Paris, France
Teaching assistant of the Bruno Cautrès course : Socio-Political Cleavages in Europe

Spring 2010: Marquette University, USA
Intermediate French, FRENCH 90 (Guest-lecture)

Spring 2009: Marquette University, USA
European Politics, POSC 142 (Guest-lecturer)

Spring 2007: Marquette University, USA
Intermediate French, FRENCH 10 (NIA)


Work in Progress:

  • The Use of Social Movement Theory to Explain the Emergence of Far Right Parties: The Political Process Model (working paper)
  • Trans-National Diffusion Patterns between West-European Far Right Parties: The emergence of the FN and its Master Frame (working paper)
  • On Far Right Parties, Master Frames and Diffusion: A Comprehensive Conceptual Framework (working paper)
  • Modelling Trans-National Diffusion Mechanisms between West-European Far Right Parties: Introducing a Three-Step Model (working paper)
  • Trans-national Diffusion between West-European Far Right Parties in the European Parliament: The Transition from Direct to Indirect Diffusion Patterns (working paper)
  • Does Michigan still matter?  The introduction of different levels of dimensionality into the discussion of party identification (w/ Luana Russo) (working paper)
  • Too Right Don’t Make a Wrong: The Underestimation of the Far Right   Party Vote in Public Opinion Surveys (w/ Federico Vegetti) (working paper)
  • The Golden Dawn as a pathological normalcy in the 2012 Greek general             elections: Are they wrong for the right or are they right for the wronged? (w/ Pavlos Vasilopoulos) (working paper)
  • The Future of the Successful Far Right in Western Europe: Victims of their Success or Preparation for their Revival? (working paper)

Principales publications

24/07/2012: Shared dualisms: On populism and conspiracy theory (online...)

23/05/2012: The psychology of conspiracy theory: The role of cognitive shortcuts (online...)

July 2006 “Inkomensverdelings- en herverdelingsbeleid in de Verenigde Staten: Een perceptie”, Antwerp, Belgium