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Le projet scientifique 2017-2022

Taken as a whole, research activity at the Cevipof has led to the constitution of a body of original knowledge and expertise together with extensive analysis of existing knowledge. The dissemination of this body of knowledge plays a vital role in nourishing new thought, opening new research perspectives and stimulating action when necessary. Indeed, rather than developing a research centre in danger of remaining closed in on itself, the Cevipof’s ambition is to use its expertise to contribute to both occasional and ongoing debate on political and social questions. This contribution sometimes informs debate and sometimes spurs it. The latest thinking and research on the situation in the  banlieues, immigration policy or the Front National, to cite but a few themes linked to contemporary society, should be transmitted not only to specialists but also to ordinary citizens. For this reason, dissemination by the Cevipof takes different forms: papers given during academic conferences, articles in academic reviews, specialised publications, publications aiming at the public at large, teaching, articles and interviews in the daily, weekly or monthly press, participation in radio and television programmes, input into multi-media resources and finally, the use of our researchers by different types of organisations as consultants and experts.

The Centre also has its own means of dissemination: it publishes research results in a collection entitled, "Les Cahiers du CEVIPOF " and also in its series of Working Papers. Under the name, " Cevipof Mondays", it organises monthly sessions on a given theme which are open to the wider public. They are typically attended by students, researchers journalists, individuals involved in public life, etc. The themes themselves are defined for the academic year. In 2003-2004, for example, the theme chosen was the analysis of political and institutional issues in Europe. In 2004-2005, it focused on examining current political and social events. The same theme was carried over the following year, 2005-2006.  For 2009-2010, the focus is on the economic crisis. Starting in early 2009, the Centre publishes a monthly analysis of a topical political question in one of the main French daily newspapers, ‘Le Figaro’ .

Since January 2003, the Centre has published the Lettre du CEVIPOF electronically. Each issue highlights the work of a given researcher, a group of researchers or an academic event at the Centre, thus providing a close-up view of the Cevipof and its research community.

Finally, the Cevipof’s Documentation Centre houses the work produced by the Centre providing a facility for the consultation of books, articles, reports and data bases written and developed by the researchers. It also provides useful documentation services to the researchers themselves.